About Us:

UnclaimedBankruptcy.com supplies the information, links, instructions, claim forms and processes needed to assist Asset Recovery Specialists when dealing with the unclaimed money from bankruptcy cases in the United States.  We know what you need and supply it all to you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

There are 94 Bankruptcy Districts and they all have their own forms and processes spread across the different websites. We pull all of them together in one organized website. Then we obtain the unclaimed funds lists and provide those to you on an on-going basis so all you need to handle is locating, contacting and providing assistance to those persons and companies that have unclaimed money being held by the bankruptcy courts.

Our Website Provides:

  • A Page for each of the 94 Bankruptcy Districts. These pages contain all the links and resources you need to work the unclaimed bankruptcy funds for that district. Read More…
  • All Forms, Instructions and Processes to facilitate your claims. Read More…

We also own SurplusDatabase.com which deals with
the unclaimed surplus money from tax deed auctions

We have deals in place for Asset Recovery Specialists if you want to join both websites. Read the details on our Get Started page.