This District Pack Includes:

  • All the forms and instructions you need for submitting a claim
    • Assignment of Interest (PDF and Microsoft Word)
    • Certificate of Service (PDF and Microsoft Word)
    • Claim Form (PDF)
    • Claim Process (PDF)
    • Contingency Agreement (PDF and Microsoft Word)
    • Motion for Payment (PDF and Microsoft Word)
    • Order Approving Payment (PDF and Microsoft Word)
    • Power of Attorney (PDF and Microsoft Word)
    • W9 IRS Form (PDF)
    • AO213 (Vendor Information TIN Certification) (PDF)

Microsoft Word Versions are included for convenience so you can easily edit them to suit your needs.

  • A PDF Document explaining the Forms, what they are, when they’re used
  • A PDF for this District giving you the links and contact information you need

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