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There are no federal limitations. If any of the 94 districts impose a limitation, it would be mentioned on the Unclaimed Info page of their website. If you are a subscriber, you can access that page for each district with the icon named “Unclaimed Info for District”. It looks like this:

However, when we created this website (we completed it in March 2020), as of that time, there was never any mention of limitations in any of the districts. We also deal with the surplus money from tax deed sales ( and the Asset Recovery Specialists who are our clients typically start at 40% to give themselves bargaining room. Since we look through the official documents quite often, we do see an average of 30-33%.

Owners of the Unclaimed Funds

We have a free guide “Skip Trace using Public records” in our Resources section. You can also register for an account with – That is the website that houses all documents pertaining to bankruptcies.

In our Resources section, we have a free guide “Skip Trace using Public records” as well as a link to each state’s Business Entity and Corporate Records where you can seek out that information.

Also, if you are on the Pro Subscription Level and are having issues, we will help find them for you.

Unclaimed Funds List

In bankruptcy cases, the Debtor is the individual or business who has claimed bankruptcy. The Creditor is the individual or business that was owed money from the debtor. Once a case is over, if the unclaimed money is due to the debtor (All debts were paid and there is an over-payment, undelivered check, etc), their name is put into the Creditor column to show they are the ones owed this left-over money.

No. All debts were taken care of during the bankruptcy. The amounts you see on the unclaimed funds list are all owed to the individual or business listed in the Creditor Column